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Reply to Patsy

27 Nov 2008 14:46

Thanks for your comments Patsy. I note you are living in Western Australia. I have not long (2 years) just returned to the UK, from Australia. Lived in NSW for 10 years and then in Qld for 10 years, but now live in a beautiful area of the UK. The Isle of Wight, just off the South Coast.
Funny feeling homesick after living in Oz for 20 years but that is what happened.Must be something to do with getting older. Hope to hear from again soon.

Posted by Patricia Mills

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patsy king

28 Nov 2008 13:31

Hi Patricia thankyou for replying yes we have lived in Australia since 1971 but I do still get homesick although I am a Belfast girl moving to England @ 16 when Dad demobed form the army in 1962 we lived in on the Wirral Peninsula Deeside lovely after Belfast which was not a good place to be then.So getting on a bit now.We have been back twice and I cried getting on the plane there is really nothing wrong with oz it's a beautiful country but somehow the isolation gets to you as you get older.Hubby's folks live in the lake disrtict just think of the paintings.I have no one left in UK all over here now they followed me.How was the move living on The Isle of White must have made it a great move.I find that taking up the brushes after 20 odd years has been a boon for me at the moment I am working with acrylics for the first time so am using how to books and have completed 2 paintings but i'm a little reluctant to put them in the gallery because i'm not really sure they are my work.Many hints have been passed by me for a digital camera from santa I think it has been taken up we have a nice garden thanks to greenfingered hubby so I won't have far to go will keep you updated. Hope to here from you soon

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