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Edit or Delete

01 Jan 2009 13:06

Can someone please explain how I get rid of the little Edit or Delete boxes that are still with my paintings. Have clicked on delete and nothing seems to happen!!

Posted by Patricia Mills

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Author: Patricia Mills


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7 comments so far...


Phil Kendall

02 Jan 2009 10:31

Hi Patsy M.They will always be there in your gallery...but...you need to be logged in to use them...to either edit or delete...just that...you cannot get rid only employ them, the delete with greater care....


patsy king

02 Jan 2009 14:54

Hi Patricia hope you are well and the weather is kind to you...it's so hot here and the flies are mustard hopefully the good old dung beetles get moving soon the dept of ag assure us they work...so no barbies for us at the moment...isn't it funny not knowing if you have spelt the group or the insect


patsy king

03 Jan 2009 14:47

Hi Patricia just tried again to post some stuff but I think my pics are to big 3 meg and I havn't a clue how to downsize them bugger as we say in Oz


patsy king

10 Jan 2009 16:18

Hi Patricia have managed to post my stuff in the gallery...havn't heard from you in a while hope you are well


patsy king

12 Jan 2009 16:19

Hi Patricia good to hear from you and that you are well...it's been too hot here for me to feel like painting so i'm just blogging although today was lovely and cool and the same tomorrow...I have noticed that a lot of people are moving to the Isle of Wight it must be lovely...if you don't mind me asking and you don't have to answer if it's too personal but is it expensive there...to buy property and live a reasonable lifestyle and of course the weather?...that's what puts my Hubby off he hates being too cold although he always breaths a sigh of relief when the first rains come...I know on the mainland they have really been suffering with sub-zero temps he would hate that lately though as he nears retirement i've noticed signs of discontentment...like you I have never really settled ...what a lot of questions but I really don't know how many more of these summers I can take yet we do have a very comfortable lifestyle here..well enough have you started your class yet and if so are the new floors looking good...i've been trolling the web looking for a suitable class close to home but there are few and what they have are so expensive so I think i'll continue on at home and keep looking by for now and sorry about the questions


patsy king

24 Jan 2009 15:34

Hi Patricia thanks for your reply I will google some properties...I get so homesick at this time of the year with the heat I just can't stand it...it didn't bother me so much when I was younger but with being Irish I avoid the sun and I find the blockout just makes me itch like hell even my daughter is now becoming more aware they get spray on tans and I now notice she is using blockout thanks to my nagging...painting is out for me at the moment I can't find the energy so getting the computer out and talking to you all is a great passtime at the moment


patsy king

14 May 2009 18:35

Hi Patricia how are you havn't heard from you in ages hope you are well

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