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What is the most mundane object that you have ever been inspired to paint?

 A toothbrush
 A phone
 A clock
 Your keys
 A laundry basket
 A pair of shoes
 Other (please tell us in the forum)

My Mervyn Peake Entries 2010

08 Mar 2010 15:59
Updated 08 Mar 2010 16:00

My entries this ettesyear are a photo "Silhouettes" and a Sea, Mountain, Sunset painting entitled "Facing the Sunset" (silent g). The reason for the latter is that my Wife Muriel pointed out , the mountains looked like a face, this was not planned, but lo and bnehold there it was! As the buzzword is Creativety, I nthought why not, so instead of sending Lindisfarne Castle,which I likeI have sent "FACE".

Posted by JAMES A DEAL




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