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Which of the following artists would you most like to receive tuition from?

 Ken Howard
 Peter Curtis
 Norman Battershill
 Pamela Kay
 Trevor Chamberlain
 Michael Chaplin
 David Hockney
 Other (please tell us in the forum)

Never experienced 'blogs' before!
I have been studying art with OCA (on and off) for about 6+ years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge but at the moment I am going through a dry patch due to family commitments.
I love painting in oils but also use acrylics. My passion is colour! The more vibrant the better. Love painting people but I'm not quite happy with 'live' studies so tend to use photographs.
I would like to meet other oil/acrylic painters in my area (Selby) but find most societies are watercolour.
Thats all for now
Hazel Belt

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Author: Hazel Belt


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