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Thank you very much, Seth, kind comment! ahha! Yes Lewis, a tardis indeed! The largest monstrosity, The Hilton, was eliminated!!! It's behind the buildings on the left! Thank you Alan, your comment is very helpful, I might try a bigger version. Thank you Jim, appreciate that! Thank you Rachel, it's drippingly hot and humid here today!!! Thank you Linda, very much. I'm very jealous, now Barry!!! Can I peek over your shoulder!!! I wait to see the results of your course with're already so very good!!! Thank you, Margaret, I always get bogged down with too much detail...unlike your super sketches! Thank you very much Stephen, always so kind! Oh ah ha! Thank you Tessa, I debated for about an hour whether or not to put in the railings. Then I realised if I didn't the view point lost it's impact. Thanks for that, Tessa

Posted by Thalia Stones on 16 Jul 2018

I like much of the 'digital art' that is posted on this site and I like this too Lewis. I have no idea how it's done but I can appreciate the skills and talent needed to produce this art form.

Posted by russell edwards on 16 Jul 2018

Very nice Dermot, as with most techniques, much practice is needed, always remember Ray Campbell Smith's Motto, more 'not so wet' into wet, in other words, the second applications needs to be a stronger mix.

Posted by Stephen Slater on 16 Jul 2018

Thanks Jennifer, now that i can look back on it, it was one of the best days ever (on the day maybe not so) - i started painting in December 2017, my first time on canvas and Acrylics, so these 4 are my only (real) paintings. I'm a graphic designer so i've done quite a few illustrations in my time (watercolour guache, ink etc), but once computer aided design took over illustrations became a luxury item for clients, so the last time i did anything painting wise was over 20 years ago - I've got a lot of catching up to do and being a big fan of 'Artist of the Year' - i went for it and totally recommend it!

Posted by Ian Dawber on 16 Jul 2018

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